Story Behind M.A.S

M.A.S of Miami Dade carpentry is no more than a promises to continue a dream an old man had in Cuba. To see his family strive to be the best. We are a small company with the mission of bringing some manufacturing back to the USA wile making it easy and affordable for everyone and at the same time having the best quality product in the market. We are a family of immigrants that came from Cuba a few years ago and since we arrived to this wonderful country we made a goal to chase the American dream and then some …

We are strong supporters of "Patria Y Vida" a slogan that means freedom for Cuba our home country, we don't shy away from supporting our roots.

Right now we are opening a new character in M.A.S history we are focus on a new age online experience , we want to make it easy and bs free the price you see is the price you will pay no hidden fees and no work half-done. We pride ourself in always going above and beyond our customers needs. Hidden secret if you manage to read all this use coupon code "Patria Y Vida" at the end of the checkout for a 50% off the delivery. Thanks for your time.