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Walk-in Closets As Personal Havens

A well-equipped walk-in closet is essential to many homeowners these days. These storage areas have evolved into personalized spaces that are much more than a place to keep clothing. Men and woman both want these customized closets to be as awe-inspiring as the rest of their homes. The master bedroom’s walk-in closet or closets make a distinct style statement frequently showcasing one’s wardrobe so that it mimics the layout of a small yet chic boutique.

Closet with Many Uses

Modern walk-ins are often more than “closets” with some transformed into a personal haven for meditation or a place to relax and unwind in away from other family members. Some people incorporate unique features such as washer and dryers with laundry stations, counters with espresso machines, mini-refrigerators with wine bar, charging stations and small desks, and lounging areas.

Style and Function

In the past, the walk-in was considered more practical and defined as a closet that one could walk into and store their wardrobe. Ideally, these closets are rectangle or square however these spaces can come in all shapes and sizes including curves and octagons. Many as large as a secondary bedroom while others are barely big enough to qualify as one. Due to their popularity walk-ins are no longer reserved for the master bedroom and are frequently seen in secondary bedrooms and guest quarters.

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